Sunday, November 21, 2010

'Snowpads' (2007) Waitakaruru Sculpture Park and Arboretum, Waikato.

Snowpads are four sculptures made from plastic lace, polypropylene and acrylic line, which are designed to float on the pond surface.

This delicate, white, feminine work emphasizes the flatness of the pond surface to make it seem almost illusionistic. The work makes us question our own senses and perceptions as it appears as a perfect geometric form both in the water and with the reflection –also in the sky.
In this way the form seems quite alien, quite out of place, like a spaceship form collaged into the landscape. This feeling of a misplaced form is both disconcerting and alluring.

The Sculpture-in-the-Park show is being organized by Carole Shepheard, as guest curator. Carole is curating this as a group show. She says that ‘ The setting for sculpture is outstanding and without rival and can cater for up to 90 works, however the curatorial position for this exhibition is looking for works that integrate, reflect, challenge and consider this unique environment and which provide audiences with challenges, intrigue and enjoyment.’

Waitakaruru Sculpture Park and Arboretum,

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