Thursday, October 25, 2012

What the Tree Sees - Art in the Dark

Art in the Dark is on next month- Friday 9 and Saturday 10 November

What the Tree Sees will be shown as part of the Art in the Dark Cinema

 That the Tree Sees (2012) Video stills.

The project explores notions of the park’s space,  as an imagined experience from the tree’s point of view, during daylight hours. The park operates as a vertical corridor, connecting Ponsonby road with lower Howe street and Beresford street west that directs foot traffic in both directions activating the space with both movement and sound.

The boundless possibilities of what the tree witnesses includes the activity of animals, birds and people that use the park, but there is also consideration for the moments of relative inactivity and quiet when the anything can occur. The work goes on to question how many moments, either real or imagined, can occur throughout the park in a day.

Although the audience may be entertained by the images and ideas, there is also a challenge to consider a view of the park from a fresh perspective – from the static, enduring place of the tree, and the park itself.