Sunday, November 21, 2010

'Sky Mirror' (2010), Art in the Dark, Ponsonby, Auckland.

Sky Mirror (2010)
Fibreglass, nylon, thread, plastic,lights.

Sky Mirror
is a colourful, dynamic light work that allows us to reflect on our perception of space as we look down on the work to see what is in reality overhead. The process also alludes to the traditional placement of knowledge and diagrams to be viewed on a horizontal plane when in this case the reality is vertically above the viewer.

The surface image shows an activated diagram of the October night sky with its thousands of stars, including the Milky Way and the major contellations. When installed Sky Mirror will be orientated for the correct reading of the diagram for October 2010.

Art in the Dark (2010) is a new initiative of lightworks by designer Celia Harrison.

Art in the Dark is an interactive community event that was held in the dark in Ponsonby's Western Park on the 15th and 16th of October 2010.

Art in the Dark transformed the park into a temporary community hub, illuminated by installations, projected short films and performances along a walk throughout the park. The entire event is eco-friendly, and all projects were powered by clean energy, with minimal waste. Art in the Dark aims to develop new forms of sustainable practices within the community with a view to inspiring other events and businesses to follow suit.

Long term, the Art in the Dark vision is to not only make the event in Western Park annual, but also to develop and grow community and environmental awareness via smaller events, providing constant opportunities for artists and progressing an artist collective.

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