Sunday, July 17, 2016

Being Here - Julia Oram at Depot Artspace, Devonport 2/7/16-20/7/16

Being Here is a painting and video installation that explores the intersection between digital processes and the traditions of painting.

The work includes video, and a series of experimental paintings on canvas and photographic work created from the moving images. The sometimes obscure though often recognisable images that capture ‘a moment in time’ stand alongside the moving images to provide a context.

Oram’s work reflects on our experience of being in the world and the passage of time, where the moving image re-creates an experience of ‘being there’ similar to our consciousness. Leszek Kolakowski ‘s description of consciousness relates to this process when he states that;

‘I am new at every moment but, by including the whole of my past in my present, I remain the same person.’

Her process investigates the ephemeral nature of video, and the random extraction of snapshots of movement and change that capture the process itself.
The fluid nature of the work itself and the medium is reflected in Henri Bergson’s discussion of time and consciousness when he comments that;

‘It is not the snapshots that are real, it’s the flux, the continuity of transition and change itself that are real.’

Oram intends to draw the audience into the work to reflect on how much we are like our own world, at the same time solid and liquid, and ready to change or dissolve at any moment.

Black Monitor


Green Bubble



Spark & Sooty

Green Bubble, Mercury Bubbles 1,2,3

Installation Shot

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Paint-in Project 2015

Paint in

'Paint in' is a new project that explores the creative process of using paint to create expressive works. Working with strong colour, layers, strokes and drips, these works build up layers and then paint them out to reveal new possibilities.

Painted over a period of a year these works collectively reveal evidence of the hand of the artist and the struggle between the layered colours. Both acrylic and oil paint is used purposefully to create strong glowing dancing works.


Paint-in-Fluoro Pink

Sunday, February 16, 2014

'Villas' small sculpture for 'Off the Wall'-Small Sculpture Show 2013 - Waiheke Island

Villas I and II (2013) recycled rimu, paint and pencil.

This finely painted sculpture uses recycled materials to create a new two piece sculpture that alludes to the idea of book ends. The history of the rimu is reflected on the surface to show several interior and exterior aspects of its origins, which include architectural views, decorative forms and original wallpaper designs. This work was shown at the 'Off the Wall' Small sculpture show on Waiheke Island in 2013 and is currently for sale. Contact email

Thursday, October 25, 2012

What the Tree Sees - Art in the Dark

Art in the Dark is on next month- Friday 9 and Saturday 10 November

What the Tree Sees will be shown as part of the Art in the Dark Cinema

 That the Tree Sees (2012) Video stills.

The project explores notions of the park’s space,  as an imagined experience from the tree’s point of view, during daylight hours. The park operates as a vertical corridor, connecting Ponsonby road with lower Howe street and Beresford street west that directs foot traffic in both directions activating the space with both movement and sound.

The boundless possibilities of what the tree witnesses includes the activity of animals, birds and people that use the park, but there is also consideration for the moments of relative inactivity and quiet when the anything can occur. The work goes on to question how many moments, either real or imagined, can occur throughout the park in a day.

Although the audience may be entertained by the images and ideas, there is also a challenge to consider a view of the park from a fresh perspective – from the static, enduring place of the tree, and the park itself.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

'Skywand' Photographs 10-12 November

'Art in the Dark' was a great success this weekend. The weather was perfect and a full moon was very evident on Friday night. As usual there was an amazing atmosphere and a very enthusiastic audience.

                                                                       Skywand with reflected 'bubble'.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sky Wand (2011) at Art in the Dark 2011.

                                           'Sky Wand' (2011)
Sky Wand  is a tall, twinkling wand that draws the viewer's attention to the heavens.
The form is filled with flickering lights that eminate through halo-like cut outs. Sky Wand
alludes to the Sky Tower on the city's horizon and prompts the valley strolling audience
to look upwards as they walk down the valley side.  On a starry night the wand will sparkle with the other stars, and when cloudy it will remind us of what is concealed beneath the cloud cover.

The work is designed to remind us of how little we know about what lies beyond our world. The wand's halo shapes allude to the mystery and magic of the heavens and questions how we might imagine the much debated 'hole' in the ozone layer, which may lie directly above us.

See art in a whole new light Art in the Dark 11 & 12 November 2011 Western Park Ponsonby Auckland
Art in the Dark website artinthe 

Art in the Dark showcases:
  • Kinetic Structures and Sculptures
  • Light Installations
  • Interactive Projects
  • Spatial Projects
  • Landscape Community Projects
  • Sound Installations
  • Short Film Artworks
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