Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sky Wand (2011) at Art in the Dark 2011.

                                           'Sky Wand' (2011)
Sky Wand  is a tall, twinkling wand that draws the viewer's attention to the heavens.
The form is filled with flickering lights that eminate through halo-like cut outs. Sky Wand
alludes to the Sky Tower on the city's horizon and prompts the valley strolling audience
to look upwards as they walk down the valley side.  On a starry night the wand will sparkle with the other stars, and when cloudy it will remind us of what is concealed beneath the cloud cover.

The work is designed to remind us of how little we know about what lies beyond our world. The wand's halo shapes allude to the mystery and magic of the heavens and questions how we might imagine the much debated 'hole' in the ozone layer, which may lie directly above us.

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